A Guide on the Best Colorbond Fence Colours

Choosing the Right Colorbond Fence Colours for Your Home

If you’re an Australian homeowner looking to add much-needed protection, aestical appeal or a little privacy to your property, you’re in luck. Fencing comes in all types and sizes, but one of the most popular materials used Down Under is Colorbond.

But with so many fencing colours, which one do you go for? Like choosing a wine, sometimes it simply boils down to personal preference. In this case, your colorbond fence’s colour should be in keeping with your home’s style as well as complimenting your surrounding landscape. 

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are 13 of the most popular colorbond fencing colours to help get you started:

The 13 Best Colorbond Fence Colours

Woodland Grey®

Woodland Grey is one of the most popular colorbond fencing colours today. If black seems on the heavier side, the neutral tone of grey adds an ultramodern, sleek touch to your exterior. And fencing options don’t just come in a single shade – others have subtle forest green and brown undertones, which can complement your backyard’s natural colours.

This tone was inspired from the view of a cool green forest, combining the perfect mix of grey, brown and green tones.


Monument is one of the boldest colorbond fencing colours around, and is closest to a Gun Metal Grey. If you live in the suburbs, this darker shade may put off your neighbours with its unabashed industrial feel. This dark grey is close to black, also making it an ideal choice for aluminium fences as well as colorbond. It sports an urban look that could actually accentuate your exterior’s lighter colours.


Ironstone is another grey shade that comes with a purplish undertone. The unique hue takes inspiration from storm clouds over a distant mountainscape and is deeper than many other greys. It’s darker than Woodland Grey®, but lighter than Monument®.

Overall, its purple grey hues make it a good fencing option if you want to reach a middle ground between raw nature and a city setting.

Riversand Beige Stone®

This elegant colorbond shade takes after the colour of driftwood bleached by river or seawater. Its neutral, sandy shade reflects the warm Australian light when painted onto a fence, giving off a nature vibe. If you’re looking for something a little more artistic that adds serenity to your surroundings, this is the ideal colour.

Evening Haze®

Like many other popular Colorbond colours, Evening Haze is a subtle grey. Its soft, muted tones give off a coastal vibe, and its lightness means it won’t dominate your landscaping. The undertones balance in-between lime and beige hues, making it a refreshing fence colour for hot summer days. It can also offer a relaxing contrast to the eyes during sharp winters.

Evening haze takes after the native Australian grass Spinifex with its spiny seeds and sharp leaves.


Domain is neutral, but its yellow tinge adds a sense of warmth that energises your yard. This semi-neutral option is often chosen for house rentals or larger homes due to its subtle colour. Both light and luxurious, it can perfectly complement your light exterior walls.


Surfmist® evokes the diverse environments we have in Australia! Taking after the activity of surging, this timeless, pale shade can easily adapt to your yard. It’s a low maintenance option that’s relatively easy to clean, and it won’t show wear and tear as easily as other colours.

Shale Grey™

Shale Grey is a beautiful, contemporary colour that reminds you of mud plains after rain. It’s a silver grey colour, giving a rocky and natural texture to your fencing. Because it’s a light grey, it can be used with darker and lighter exterior walls, making it highly versatile.

Whether you’re in the city, or by the beach, this shade of Colorbond fencing is sure to bring a sense of relaxation and calmness to your environment.


Paperbark® is perhaps exactly as you’d imagine it to be! This colour combines both the neutral tones of paper and the bark of a pale-coloured tree, giving an earthy vibe to your fence.

This colorbond fencing colour is suitable for all kinds of environments, from the city and suburbs to the bush and coast. Its light tones can transform your environment by expanding your space, making it seem both larger and brighter.


Earth tones are all the rage, and this colour tone is no exception. This hue is darker than your neutral beige, while evoking the rich colour of towering trees. It effortlessly settles in with your backyard’s plants, adding a touch of the wild without being too overbearing.

If you live in the city, it can also add a touch of the forest because of its shade of dark brown. The Colorbond hue is inspired after the slopes of central ranges in Australia and bark from older gum trees. 

Manor Red®

Although Manor Red is considered bold and strong, instantly making an impression on guests or passersby. Its luscious hue has a grandness akin to natural spaces in Australian vast landscapes, such as the Pilbara, and Australia’s outback. If you’re looking for a statement piece that will really turn heads, get your fencing contractor to install a Manor Red colorbond fence.

Deep Ocean®

The name says it all. With this colour stretched out on a long fence, it’s impossible not to feel the crashing waves from its ocean blue shade. Even though blue can seem like a more adventurous hue, it’s actually a more conservative colour choice, at least compared to Manor Red. So if you’re missing the ocean and want to be constantly reminded of its beauty, this is the best colorbond fencing colour for you.

Pale Eucalypt® 

This Colorbond fence colour is one of the most popular colours all across the continent! Its subtle green hues echoes the beauty of the iconic Aussie forest trees as well as the magnificent bush. Needless to say, this colour choice complements natural landscapes, from a large scale plot of a land to a homey backyard. 

Natural colours like these aren’t just suited for big yards. If you live in the city and have a small outdoor area, this Colorbond fencing will still bring the beauty of the outdoors right to your doorstep.

This Aussie-made steel is so attractive it looks great whether you’re fencing in your front yard, back garden or pool area. It’s also eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, meaning it’s good for the environment if you ever need to replace it. And to top it all off, colorbond is extremely durable which requires minimum repairs, making it a cost-effective fencing option long-term. Make sure to contact a professional fence installer for your gatespool fence, and more for quality installation.


It’s no mystery why Colorbond is a favourite among Australians. Its range of colours echo the grand topography of Australia, while resonating on a personal level. Coupled with its durability, eco-friendly production and easy maintenance, it’s the perfect fencing type for any home. Which is your favourite Colorbond fencing colour? Let us know!

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